Creating Groups for ThruTalk (New) 

When you need to access the "Groups" page for group creation, it will be available above the ThruText and ThruTalk (New) admin menus and shared across both GetThru products. Please review Group Details for more information on groups. 

Gif of ThruTalk Groups menu collapsing and ThruText Groups menu expanding

Once a group is created, it can be used in either product. Any invalid numbers in the group will be re-evaluated when creating a ThruTalk (New) campaign, as landlines and VOIP carrier types are dialable. Exporting the group will show you a breakdown of landlines, VOIP and mobile numbers under the "carrier_type" column, all of which are dialable on a ThruTalk (New) campaign.

To quickly test how many dials are in a group, create a campaign with your group but do not launch it. This will give you the amount of dialable numbers!

Note: Numbers that include an unknown or blank carrier_type are not dialable.

To create a table of ThruTalk (New) valid dials in a group, you can export the file and insert a pivot table based on the "carrier_type" with a value of "Count of status" and filter out the "Invalid_reason" to review the dialable totals.