Inviting Users to ThruTalk (New)

Users are shared across your GetThru account for all permission levels (Account Owners, Admins, Moderators, Users) across both products ThruText and ThruTalk (New). 

When you need to access the "Users" page to view active users or invite new users, it will be available above the ThruText and ThruTalk (New) admin menus. 

Gif of ThruTalk menu collapsing and ThruText menu expanding

If you have an existing ThruText account, ThruTalk (New) was added within your account and any users in your account can be added as a caller within ThruTalk (New) already. 

Note: Any users (at any permission level) already in your account will have the ability to make calls as soon as they are given an assignment as a caller in an active campaign.