What makes ThruTalk different from LegacyTalk?

Some features listed here may be in future releases of ThruTalk (New). Here is an overview of the differences between the two products:

Multiple Attempt Calling

Campaign calling lists can only be dialed once per day. If a subset of contacts needs to be dialed again, admins can use advanced targeting to reach those contacts again.

Caller ID

Caller ID numbers will no longer be set per calling list. We take care of the caller id number for you! Caller IDs will automatically be assigned from a subset of available numbers in the regions selected on the Campaign Overview page. Sending number assignment will be 1 per 25k contacts.

Strike Lists

Currently, there is no feature to submit an account-wide single-day strike list to prevent calling a list of numbers. Admins can load a strike list as a group and use advanced targeting to reach those contacts again.


  • Branching Scripts add custom paths to your scripts. You'll be able to guide your callers through complicated conversations with ease!
  • Script questions currently cannot be reordered once added to the script, so be sure to add any questions in the order they are to appear in the live environment.

Contact Widgets

Instant Follow Up for texting a contact during a call is available. 

If you've signed up for ThruText, the collected numbers can be uploaded into a group to use in a texting campaign. This step-by-step guide will help you get started!


The PatchThru transfer feature is not available at this time.


Callers need to be invited to your account to begin calling. Learn more about sending invitations in ThruTalk (New) here