What's New?


  • Branching Scripts – Branching scripts will give you greater control over how your ThruTalk scripts flow, and allow you to introduce more complexity through additional paths. By adding paths to your scripts, you'll be able to guide your callers through complicated conversations with ease. You can find out more about branching scripts here.
  • Campaign Caller Invite Link – This feature lets you generate a link that callers can use to join your ThruTalk Campaigns, which means callers can join campaigns after they have been launched! (For ThruText users, this functions like the Campaign Sender Invite Link). Read more about how this feature works here: Campaign Caller Invite Link.
  • VAN Group Import – We have launched the ability to utilize ThruTalk-enabled VAN API keys to import your lists directly from VAN into ThruTalk. You can read more about this feature here and provide us your ThruTalk-enabled VAN API key to enable this feature using this process. Note: The ability to communicate ThruTalk script results to VAN automatedly is not quite ready yet, but will be soon!
  • VAN Survey Question in ThruTalk (New) Scripts – Admins will now be able to map their ThruTalk scripts with survey questions imported from VAN. VAN Activist Codes will be available in the future! 
  • Preview Script - Callers can now preview the script for their calling assignment before making calls to familiarize themselves with the script. The Preview Script button can be found on the Calling Assignments page. You can read more about this feature here:  ThruTalk (New) Script Preview.

If your ThruTalk (New) account does not have a feature listed above, please reach out to support@getthru.io for details on how to add them to your account.

What Changed?

  • Left Sidebar Navigation Menu - The navigation menu on the left side of the admin page has been restructured. The shared account tools have been moved to the top of the menu, and there are new pages for Draft campaigns and Archived campaigns.
  • Campaign Review Page - Admins can now open up an active campaign's review page to see more campaign details and assigned callers.
  • Calling Assignments page - The Calling Assignments page UI has been updated and is easier to navigate.
  • Calling Windows - Our calling hours have expanded to 10 am -11:59 pm ET Monday through Sunday. For more information, check out Calling Hours.