Dear ThruTalk Clients,

We have exciting news: we are launching the Beta phase for “NewTalk” – our new version of ThruTalk – at a reduced Beta rate of $.035 / dial. If you’re interested, please sign up at the link below, or read on for more info!

What is NewTalk?

NewTalk is what we call our entirely new version of ThruTalk, which we’ve been building from the ground up for more than a year! NewTalk pairs the speed you’ve come to expect from ThruTalk with an entirely rebuilt infrastructure and UI. Highlights include:  

  • Clean new user interface for callers and admins 
  • New underlying infrastructure (good-bye LiveVox)  
  • Integrated into a common platform with ThruText  

We’re really excited about what we’ve built. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one early NewTalk user had to say:

Our volunteers absolutely love the new layout, and on the day we switched from Legacy Talk to NewTalk we nearly quadrupled our contact rate! - Sam Sobolov, Pallone for Congress  

If that sounds good to you, please sign up to give NewTalk Beta a try!

What does Beta mean?

Beta means the system has been tested in an Alpha phase and the core functions work as expected. We’ve done more than 400,000 test dials (thank you Alpha testers), and the system is now ready for expanded usage. Beta also means that we are still fine-tuning existing features and regularly adding new features (more on that below). 

Beta usage will be charged at a reduced rate of $.035 / dial. This rate will increase to $.045 / dial on September 1, 2022. Note that $.045 / dial will be our new base rate for ThruTalk, a full $.01 cheaper than our Legacy system! And the rate can be even cheaper with bulk discounts after September 1, 2022.   

Why switch today?

We are confident that the NewTalk Beta is a better calling experience than Legacy ThruTalk, full stop. We also know that making the switch will require time for adapting systems and training users, and we want to set up our clients for success in advance of election season. Our NewTalk Help Center is built out, and we are ready to provide best-in-class onboarding and training today! 

What features are in Beta?

Here’s some of the great features that are available in our Beta version of NewTalk: 

  • Branching scripts - Easy-to-use branching logic 
  • Script preview - Admins can view scripts before finalizing them  
  • Campaign link - A URL that lets callers join calling campaigns at any time 
  • VAN group import - Import a list from VAN to be called in ThruTalk 
  • Automatic caller ID – Auto-generated and rotating caller IDs to avoid spam flags
  • On-demand reporting – Pull call reports at the click of a button 
  • S3 Integration – Export call results nightly to an S3 bucket 

What features are not in Beta yet, but are slated for future release?  

  • Mobile responsive UI - For callers accessing the calling interface via cell phone
  • VAN sync - Sync data collected in NewTalk back to VAN 
  • Contact widget - Email and text follow-up information to call recipients 

What’s the Future of Legacy Talk? 

For those clients who still want to use Legacy ThruTalk, we will continue to support the product through the 2022 election! But we do hope you’ll seriously consider making the switch sooner rather than later, however. We can’t wait to show you all that’s possible in our next iteration of the dialer you’ve come to trust. And if you’re still unsure about switching, drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you!  

- The GetThru Team