Greetings from GetThru,

We know many of you are burning candles at both ends from now to November 8th. So we put together a care package of ThruText and ThruTalk updates to help brighten your days and nights!


GetThru is excited to announce that we are now offering Livechat support for ThruText & NewTalk admins! Any pages at will have access to the chat icon, in the bottom right hand corner of their browser window, to connect with our Support team during chat business hours, 10am-11:30pm ET. We’ll offer Livechat at least through the November election and possibly beyond, depending on client response.

When you click the chat icon, you’ll be greeted by our friendly chatbot, which helps the Support team collect the initial information we need to answer questions and troubleshoot via a quick chat conversation. Each Livechat will be reviewed by a Support team member for clarifying questions. If your question cannot be resolved via chat, we will escalate to a ticket and keep you updated via email. We will continue to use tickets as our primary source of communication if we determine the topic is better suited for email format.

Other ways to access support resources:

We hope this new avenue of communication will help us better serve your calling and texting needs!

NewTalk VAN Sync is Live!

The full Two-way sync with VAN is now available in NewTalk, our new version of ThruTalk. Lists could already be saved in VAN and imported into GetThru. Now, survey questions & activist codes can be imported into scripts, with all canvass and script results syncing back to VAN after the end of each call. The sync result can be viewed in the Account Campaign export as well. Details on the steps to get started syncing can be found here. Two-way VAN sync is just one of the many reasons we encourage all Legacy ThruTalk clients to check out NewTalk!

NewTalk Script Duplication & Archiving

In response to popular demand from our users, NewTalk now offers the ability to duplicate any script and to archive scripts that are not attached to an active campaign. Details on script features can be found here.

ThruText Interactive Walkthroughs

We recently launched interactive step-by-step walkthroughs of the most common workflows in ThruText to help new users get acquainted with the platform. To access the walkthroughs, just click the “Get Started” button on the bottom left of the GetThru Dashboard.

Service Suspension for Unpaid Invoices

This is a friendly reminder that our payment terms are net 30. Your account may be suspended if you have a maximum of two unpaid invoices.


If your GetThru service has been suspended for non-payment, we'll reactivate your service when we receive payment for the full balance owed.


How to pay overdue invoices:

  1. Check your email for a message received from
  2. If you can’t find the email or don’t think you received it, email to find out which invoices are overdue.
  3. Pay the invoices. Payment options are listed in the email (credit card payments are accepted.)
  4. Please note, check payment can take much longer to process than wire transfers or ACH and may result in reactivation delays.

As always, please send any questions, comments, preferences, or props to

The GetThru Team