Building NewTalk from the ground up was a necessary step toward massively improving the ThruTalk experience, for both admins and callers, through more direct visibility into and control over the way your important calls are made. We devoted the NewTalk alpha and beta testing periods to refining and tuning our systems to achieve the high standards for efficiency and connection you’ve come to expect from ThruTalk… and then exceed them. 

Now that NewTalk is launched, we’re writing to let you know that we will be retiring our Legacy ThruTalk product as of November 30, 2022. We wanted to give our clients as much notice as possible so that you will have ample opportunity to make the transition from Legacy ThruTalk to NewTalk seamlessly. In the coming weeks, we will send a more thorough checklist to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible, and in the meantime, if you would like to see NewTalk in action or have questions about features or pricing, feel free to drop our Sales team a line.

If you’ve already been an alpha or beta user, or you’re currently calling on NewTalk, read on to see the most recent feature updates and improvements to the NewTalk calling experience, just in time for GOTV, end-of-year fundraising, and more. If you’re new to NewTalk and want a primer on the new dialer, check out this resource.

Improved Contact Rate

As a result of enhancements and performance improvements, we’re thrilled to report the average contact rate for a typical NewTalk campaign has roughly doubled that of Legacy ThruTalk. That’s twice the number of valuable pickups as before. While this is an aggregate statistic and can be impacted by several factors of list construction, we’re proud to say that refinement of human-controlled dial pacing, improved voicemail detection, and clearer analytics have all contributed to an even better contact rate.

NewTalk Script Custom Fields

We recently released the ability to include Custom Field data in your NewTalk scripts. This means not only displaying, dynamically, the name of your contact in your script language but also any other Custom Fields that you load data into. Insert a dynamic polling location into your script based on the contact your caller is currently speaking to, for example. This information will also be displayed to your caller under Contact Details on the right of the live calling interface, even if it’s not inserted in your script. 

More information on how Custom Fields can be used in your NewTalk scripts can be found in our Help Center.

Your NewTalk Scripts are now editable! 

We heard your feedback and have made improvements to NewTalk Scripts so that the optional Script Text and Survey Question fields can be adjusted even after your script has been attached to a live calling campaign while still preserving the integrity of any data you may have already collected.

In addition to editability, we’ve also programmed the optional Script Text field to accept line breaks (carriage returns?), so you have more freedom to style your script language in a way that is easy for your callers to read and understand.

As mentioned, we’ll be sending out more details in the weeks to come so that we can set each of our clients up for success in getting started with NewTalk. We look forward to sharing more and look forward to our continued partnership. Thanks so much for choosing us as your peer-to-peer partner.


- The GetThru Team