Group Size Details

We recommend keeping your groups to 50k contacts or less. 

File Size & System Warnings

The first reason to watch your group size is that huge files will cause the system to time out. Currently, the threshold for groups timing out is 50,000 rows. If your file is larger than 50K, you will see the following error:

"CSV TOO LARGE. Campaigns can target a maximum of 22.5k valid phone numbers. Your CSV has more than 50k rows. Please split your CSV into multiple files and try again."

Local Phone Number Supply

The other reason to monitor group size is that ThruText messages and ThruTalk (New) calls originate from local cell phone numbers that we obtain via a third-party provider. During the campaign creation process, you specify up to 3 area codes or regions from which you want those local numbers to be obtained. Third-party providers have a limited supply of phone numbers for each area code. When you target a campaign to a large group, they may have insufficient phone numbers in the 3 area codes or regions you select, which will cause the campaign not to launch and display a message indicating that not enough numbers are available.

22,500 contacts is a group size for which you should be able to consistently obtain sufficient local numbers, provided that you select 3 area code / regional options in the campaign process.