Changing your phone or email on your user profile

Editing your user profile is easy. Just go to the "Profile" section under the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Profile button

Once you're on your profile page, you can update your email address, phone number, or your password. profile edit page

Below the "Password" profile field is the checkbox to "opt-in" to emails from GetThru. 

What does each field do?

  • First - First names are visible to admins. The first name is the name that will be inserted into a text message or referenced in a calling script if your admins have configured their campaign that way.
  • Last - Last names are also shown to admins to ensure they add the right person to the campaign and identify the user in their exports. Last names can also be inserted into text messages, but admins are very unlikely to do this. Please contact your texting admins about their policy of using last names in text messages.
  • EmailEmail is your user name to sign in. It is also where you will receive your notifications. Your email is also visible to your admins.
  • Country - What country code does your phone have?
  • Phone Number - This is the unique identifier for your account and is visible to admins in their exports. Your phone number is never shown to contacts in ThruText or ThruTalk. Your phone number is what you will be prompted to join with when you connect to ThruTalk, but you can always choose an alternative.
  • Password - You can update your password here or
Please note that edits to this page apply to all of your organizations. If you change your first name, it will change the way all your organizations see your user profile.