Seeing an invitation error message?

Did you get an error message while signing up or logging in to your GetThru account? 

Not to worry, here are a few common error messages and how to troubleshoot them.

Error Message: "Incorrect email and password combination, please try again."

reset password

This means that your email address and password combination do not match. Clicking "Reset Password" (or going to and typing in the email address you are registered with will send a password reset link to your inbox. 

If you do not receive this email, it could mean that 1) it got sent to a spam folder, 2) your network has blocked the email for some reason, or 3) you didn't type your email address correctly/have entered a different email than what is on your user profile. Try sending yourself another reset link and if you still do not receive it, you can email your user profile's phone number to and we can assist. 

Error Message: "Could not accept invitation: Phone / Email has already been taken"

could not accept invitation: phone has already been taken


could not accept invitation: email has already been taken

This means that you have registered to send texts or make calls for another organization in the past. You will need to log in to your existing account, where you can edit the email address in your profile. Then you can have your administrator issue a fresh invitation to the right email address.

If you don't remember the email you're registered with, please send your account's phone number (and likely previous emails) to and we can help! 

Error Message: "Could not load invitation; please refresh to try again"

could not load invitation; please refresh to try again

This means that you have already accepted your invitation to this organization and are an active account user. You can check to see if you've already accepted an invitation for that account by viewing your organization's page at Since invitation links are designed to only work once, in the future, you'll want to sign in and bookmark to access your assignments.

As always, if you continue having trouble after trying these tips, please contact, and we can help resolve it for you!