Creating a ThruTalk script

This guide will share the step-by-step process for creating a script in your ThruTalk account. 

Before building a script in ThruTalk, create a skeleton script, or a bare-bones outline of questions. By creating a basic outline of your script, you will be able to establish the order of the questions and branching logic prior to creating the script. This helps to create a clear and coherent script, and allows you to easily manipulate ideas without needing to make any changes in ThruTalk.

Step 1 

From the scripts page's top right corner, click on "Create New Script". If your account is synced with VAN, you'll be prompted to choose whether you're using this script for MyCampaign, MyVoters, or neither. When you create a script that is linked to VAN, we refer to it as a VAN script. You can read more about VAN scripts here.

Step 2

Give your script a title and click "Save Script".

Adding a title and saving a script

Step 3

Once a script is saved, the "Script Builder" page will open, showing your default starting question.

Click edit on the starting question to make changes.

Script Builder Page

Step 4

Edit the default starting question by adding Script Text or changing the survey question. 

  • The script title, type, and response options are not editable in the starting question as they must remain universal for processing purposes. starting question within scripts
  • Click "Save" when your default starting question edits are complete.

Step 5

Click "Add a question" to begin inputting your additional script questions.

Add a question

Step 6

Input data for each field.script question builder

Add a Title: The title text is used for reporting purposes but does not show for callers.

Add the response type:

  • Script Text Block: Input script text for the callers to read, but without a survey question and response included.
  • Checkbox Pick Many: Input a survey question and survey response options where callers can select multiple answers for a single question.
  • Freeform: Input a text field so that callers can record responses in freeform text.
  • Multiple Choice (Pick One): Input a survey question and the survey response options where callers can select only one response.
For data integrity reasons, we recommend not using the freeform response type as the last question in your script.

"+ Add Optional Script Text for Caller to Read": This optional text field is available if you have a complex question and you need to provide more detail before the question (introductory language, notes for callers etc.). Only Optional Script Text may be edited after a script is used.

script text section

  • Click on the text to expand the field to add your text:Script text expanded

Add a Survey Question: 

Survey question and responsesThis is the question that the caller will be asking the contact on the call.

Add the survey responses: This is the response that will be marked during the call and listed in reporting.

  • Click "Add another response" to add additional survey response options to a single question.
  • Click "Save" to save the question you just added (or click delete if you wish to remove a question).

Step 7

Click "Add another question" to add additional questions to your script. Instant Follow Ups can be added at this point in your script!

Add another question

Keep building your script by repeating Steps 6 and 7. 

And that's it! You've successfully created your ThruTalk script.

Interested in adding custom data to your script question text that comes from your groups? You can use variables in your script to do just that. Please check out our How to Add Custom Data on the Calling Page and in the Script guide for details.


  • If a script has not yet been added to a campaign, its questions can be edited or deleted. Edit or delete question
  • If a script has already been added to a campaign, its questions can be viewed but are not editable for data validation purposes.
  • If you need to change the script name, click on "Rename script" to input the new name and, when prompted, click "Save" to update the name:
    Rename script
  • Scripts can be deleted by selecting the "Delete" option from the scripts management page.
    Note: Scripts can only be deleted if they have not been added to a campaign. However, this action is permanent and cannot be undone.delete script pop up

For an overview of managing all scripts within your account, please review our guide Managing Scripts in ThruTalk.