Details on Submitting and Checking Ticket Status

In the GetThru Help Center home page, you can submit a new ticket by clicking the "New Support Ticket" link or view the status of a ticket by clicking the "Check Ticket Status" link:

Submitting or checking a ticket buttons

If you click on the "New Support Ticket" option, you will be directed to a page to submit your inquiry:

Submit new ticket

If you click on the "Check Ticket Status"  option, all of your tickets will be accessible from this page:Check ticket status

  • By default, it shows "Open or Pending" Tickets. However, you can change the drop-down to "All Tickets" to see completed tickets in addition to uncompleted tickets or to "Resolved or Closed" to only view completed tickets.

Note: You can also use the "New Support Ticket"  and "Check Ticket Status" links available within each products' individual support centers using the following links: ThruText, ThruTalk (New). For a full directory of our help centers and helpful links please check out our GetThru Support section.