Navigating to the External Contact Lists

When you need to access the “External Contact Lists” page for either ThruText or ThruTalk (New) VAN list group creation, it will be available from within ThruText’s left sidebar 'External Contact Lists' section within the Group subsection.

External Contact ListsOnce you have pulled a VAN list in and created a group, it can be used by either product. Any invalid numbers in the group will be re-evaluated when creating a ThruTalk (New) campaign, as landlines and VOIP carrier types are dialable. Exporting the group will show you a breakdown of landlines, VOIP and mobile numbers under the "carrier_type" column, all of which are dialable on a ThruTalk (New) campaign.

For more information on setting up a VAN integration and pulling an external contact list into your account, please review our guides Getting Started with GetThru VAN Integrations and Pulling a List from VAN.

Your ThruText and ThruTalk MyVoters API keys and your ThruText and ThruTalk MyCampaign API keys are listed in the same External Contact lists sections in your account. Please be sure to add descriptive naming schemes to your saved lists in VAN to differentiate between the ThruText and ThruTalk keys for each side.

Note: Numbers that include an unknown or blank carrier_type are not dialable.