How to preview your script during creation

When creating a script, the script preview option is a helpful feature to determine how it will appear for callers during live calling. This is a great way to prove your logic when using Branching Scripts.

To preview your script during creation, access the Script Preview tab next to your Script Builder tab:Script Builder Tab

You can move through the questions in the Script Preview and confirm the desired question options and branching are set up:

Script Preview Tab

If you want to make any edits to the script, you can return to the Script Builder tab and edit the question content or branching as needed:

For details on the script creation and editing process, please review our guides Scripts for Your ThruTalk Account and Managing Scripts in ThruTalk.

You can use variables in your script to pull in custom data. Please check out our How to Add Custom Data on the Calling Page and in the Script guide for details.