Who's making calls on your campaign?

The Campaign Details page provides essential insight into the real-time statuses of callers on an individual campaign. To view caller activity statuses: 

  1. Open an active ThruTalk campaign
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page 
  3. The callers' first names, last names & statuses are viewable in a sortable table

Using caller activity stauses, you can see which caller is logged in and where they are in the calling process. Observing caller statuses lets you spot which callers need technical assistance.

Individual caller status can be assessed and tracked using the Caller Activity Details report.

Caller statuses

Each caller's first and last name is shown, along with a color-coded status:

  • In Call - Callers in this status are connected to a contact. During a PatchThru conference, callers will remain in this status until they leave the call. Even after the caller exits, the conference can continue between the contact and the PatchThru target. Once the caller leaves, their status will change from "In Call".
  • Wrap Up - After a call is completed, the caller enters a "Wrap Up" state in which the caller can fill in survey data. Callers staying in "Wrap Up" for an extended time may need help navigating the script or moving on to the next call. 
  • Ready - Waiting for a call. If your callers are in the "Ready" state for an extended time, you can use our Support chat to solve the problem.
  • Not Ready - Callers have entered the calling window but have not clicked "Ready to Make Calls." These callers may need additional help to get started. (e.g., Ask if the caller has enabled the permission for the mic.)
  • Offline - These callers are not logged into this campaign at this time.

Screenshot of table of callers with different statuses listed in the right column with different colored dots.

Caller Activity Overview

The Caller Activity Overview is a quick way to assess your campaign's callers at a glance.

Screenshot with a count of callers in each status with a color coded key for the caller status table.

Encourage callers to click the "End Calling Session" only when they are finished calling, or they are taking an extended break. Ending a calling session quickly or between calls can negatively affect other callers.