This guide will provide tips for building a ThruTalk calling list in VAN. 

To create a list that does not have any contacts without a phone number use these steps:

  • When creating a search, go to the Phones section
  • Next to the "Added Since" option, there is the ability to toggle between "Is Not Empty" and "Is Empty" 
  • We want it to be showing "Is Not Empty" as shown in this example:

Other Tips:

  • If you are looking to find people you have not recorded a ThruTalk VAN canvass result for use the Canvass Status section to exclude canvass results entered by the ThruTalk API user. 
  • If you are looking to exclude people who have early voted, use the Early Voting section to Exclude People Who Have Early Voted or Absentee Voted. There are other helpful filters in this section. 
  • After Running the Search, you can click "Edit Search" and use the Householding Option to Narrow List to one person per Phone Number.