Step-by-step on how to add custom data to scripts

ThruTalk includes the option of using dynamic script variables in the text field to pull in data to your calling page.

Before you can map the custom fields you want in your group, you must have already created those custom fields in your account. Please check out our Custom Fields guide for details on how to add those to your account.

Adding custom data on the calling page

To add custom information to your calling page, you must map those custom fields when uploading the group attached to the campaign. Please review our guide, Uploading a Group, for details on that process. Mapping that data will ensure the custom fields included in the group will populate on the right side of the screen during live calls to contacts in the "Custom Values" section beneath the "Contact Details." When created in the account, the "Title" given to the custom field will show as the header in "Contact Details." 

For example, if you created custom fields with titles of Donation, Email, and VAN Campaign ID and then mapped those custom fields during group creation, that data will show on the bottom right side during live calls with no further action needed on your part:Calling page with custom data

Adding Custom Data in the Script

After creating your custom field in your account, during script," creation, you can add variables to your script question by adding your custom field's code. The code must be entered by adding percentage signs before and after your custom field code (see below for where to locate your custom field code.) You'll need to input the format %a_custom_field_code% to successfully pull that variable data in. For example, if you want to pull in a custom field for "donation," it must be written as %donation%. Those variables will then pull in the custom field data that was included in the group and display the custom field data for the contact during live calling.

NOTE - While the script preview will still show the variable text as the custom field code enclosed in percentage signs (example: %donation%) when the campaign is live, those variables will show the custom data included for each contact in the group (as long as the variables are formatted correctly).

Use %first_name% or %last_name% to drop the contact's name into your script. Variables are case-sensitive, so the letters should not be capitalized. 

Example of a script question that includes variable data on the creation page:Script question text with variable dataExample of a script question that includes variable data on the live calling page:Script question with variable data

Custom Field Codes

We recommend opening two windows and using the copy-and-paste functions to drop your custom field codes into your script. Here is where you will locate the custom field code that you must use as your variable (this is available under the "Custom Fields" section of the left sidebar in your account):

Make sure to add the information to the optional script text field as it will not populate if added to the survey question field. 

NOTE - Currently, custom variables can only be added to script text. Custom variables cannot be used in the names of survey questions.

And that's it! You now have custom field data on your calling page and script. Please reach out to if you have any questions.