ThruTalk works by sending out multiple calls for each caller. When someone answers, the dialer connects them to you, a waiting caller. This is how GetThru decreases the wait times between calls so that we can give you the best possible calling experience. Due to how ThruTalk functions, there will always be a slight delay as we connect the call recipient with a waiting caller.

When should callers greet their call recipient?

Callers should start talking as soon as the name of the call recipient (contact) is visible on the screen. Once that name appears, you have been connected and should greet the contact! As a caller, you should watch your screen for that visual cue as it is the most instantaneous.

Moments after the connection between caller and recipient is made and after the recipient's name appears on the screen, a beep can be heard. The audible beep is intended as a backup cue if the caller needs it and also keeps callers focused during calling sessions. Callers should not wait for the beep to start talking if the screen shows a contact name and the script!

If you, as a caller, need to hear the beep to have the best calling experience, we recommend using a headset or earbuds. If you still need to adjust your calling experience in ThruTalk, try connecting to ThruTalk differently. There are multiple ways to start calling with ThruTalk. Callers can call in via a phone/landline, connect with a mobile device, or connect using a computer.