Pinpointing who to call on a ThruTalk campaign

By using the "+ New Segment" button during ThruTalk campaign creation, admins can access advanced targeting strategies to meet their calling program's needs. 

After selecting a group and setting the base segment, the "+ New Segment," button will become visible. Once the button is clicked, additional fields will populate below the base segment. Groups can be added or removed from there!

Adding multiple groups to a single campaign

In ThruTalk, additional groups can be added to the base segment to create long lists for a large phone bank, for example.

After clicking the "+ New Segment" button, ThruTalk will assume you would like to add groups to the campaign. Select the group you want to add and click "Add Segment."

Multiple groups can be added to a single campaign for a maximum of 100,000 contacts. Adding more than 100k contacts will lead to errors during launching.

Removing groups during campaign creation

Admins can use "Remove" groups as a valuable strategy to enhance their calling program. Remove groups can:

  • Enable multiple passes on an already-called list.
  • Strike contacts before they are called.

Creating a second pass on an already-called list

Occasionally, you may want to try to call a set of contacts repeatedly using ThruTalk (New). After completing your first pass:

  1. Run a ThruTalk Campaign Export
  2. Open the file, and remove anyone you WOULD like to contact again. Save your file as a CSV.
  3. Upload the file as a group using a naming convention that clarifies this is a "remove" group.
  4. Create a new campaign. Your base segment will be the same as your first pass. 
  5. Click "+ New Segment" and select "Remove." Then, use the drop-down to locate the name of your "remove" group named in step 3.
  6. Launch your campaign and start retrying your calls!

Creating strike groups

Sometimes, it is preferable not to make calls to specific contacts. For example:

  • During fundraising, contacts that have recently donated to your cause.
  • If a contact has responded to other forms of outreach from your organization.
  • Removing already-voted contacts from your GOTV universe.

Upload your strike list as a group and set your larger universe as the base segment of your new campaign (see above). Then, use the "Remove" feature to strike those contacts from your new campaign. Launch your campaign and get your callers dialing!

Groups can be added to and removed within a single campaign. When adding and removing groups in a single campaign, the order that the groups are input is important. "Remove" groups need to be input last so that their contacts are removed from each of the previous segments.

NOTE - To permanently remove a contact for all calling campaigns, add them to your Do Not Call list.

Contact if you have any questions about adding or removing groups from ThruTalk campaigns.