Obtaining data on all calls in a defined timeframe

Account-level ThruTalk exports allow you to pull data for all campaigns with dials made during the export's requested start and end date. All timestamps within exports are based in UTC time zone.

Please refer to our guide on the differences between call results and script results when reviewing ThruTalk exports.


How to access Account-Level ThruTalk Exports

ThruTalk Exports can be accessed by clicking on "Export" in the ThruTalk Tools leftside menu.

GetThru dark blue leftside navigation highlighting the "Export" page with a green rectangle around white text.

To select which export type you want, toggle the pulldown menu at the top right of the account-level exports page.

Types of Account-Level Exports

Account Campaign Dials

The Account Campaign Dials export gives you an overview of the campaigns across your account. These exports produce call results and script data for all campaigns with dials made during the export's requested start and end date in separate files.

NOTE - Exports must be downloaded for each campaign separately. 

When requesting an export, set the Export Type, the Start Date, End Date, and click on "New Export." 

Screenshot of a calendar atop an export page. The first of the month is highlighted with a bright red circle and white text.

Once the export is finished, click "Download" to review your processed file.

Account All Dials

The Account All Dials data overlaps with the Account Campaign Dials export, but provides call results without script results for all campaigns within one csv file. Account All Dials provides the top-level picture of how calling activity is performing as a whole and what call result outcomes your organization gets at what percentages.

Account Do Not Call

The Account Do Not Call export provides a list of all contacts that have requested to be added to the Do Not Call list for the account.

Screenshot of an Export page showing a table of previously-run exports. There is a dark pink "Download" link on the right side of each line.

NOTE - The download links expire after a short period of time to ensure the security of your data. Please review our Download Protection Error guide for more information.