Directory of Targets

Coming Soon - We are excited to announce PatchThru will soon be available within ThruTalk. This feature allows callers to connect their contacts with calling targets.

Once available, the PatchThru directory page will provide a table of all targets that you have added to your account. From this page, you can add new targets and edit or delete current targets.


Directory Menu

The PatchThru directory can be accessed from the left sidebar under ThruTalk Tools:

Screenshot of the navy left side menu with ThruTalk Tools expanded. The Patch-Thru Directory menu item has a pink dot to its left.

Adding New Targets

The “New Target” button can be used to add new targets to the list:

Screenshot of magenta "New Target" button on a beige background.


You will be taken to a modal where you can input the target's details: 

Name (Required): The target's name.

Phone Number (Required): The target's phone number.

Extension (Optional): The extension for the phone number.

Target Type (Required): The category that best fits the type of target.

Title (Optional): The title for the target, if applicable.

District (Optional): The district of the target, if applicable.

State (Optional): The target's state, if applicable.

Screenshot of the modal to create new targets, which is black text on a white background.
Once you have added the target details, you'll want to click "Create Target" to add that target to the directory. A "Target created" confirmation pop up will display once that step is completed.

Green success banner with white text: "Target Created"

Table Details

Search box: The search option allows the target directory to be searched based on any of the listed target criteria:

White search bar on a beige background.

Required fields: The required fields of Name, Phone, and Target Type will display for all targets listed.

Optional fields: The optional fields of Title, District, and State will display for any targets that information was added for.

Actions: The three vertical dots open the menu item where a target can be edited or deleted from the table. 

Screenshot of directory table with a list of names and numbers. General information is provided for each target. The flyout menu is expanded for one of the targets with the options "Edit" and "Delete".