Detailed PatchThru Process

COMING SOON - Interested in having your phone banking team connect your contacts with third-party targets? Utilizing the PatchThru feature, you can use this strategy within your calling plans.


PatchThru targets

To get started with Patch-Thru, you’ll first want to create your list of Patch-Thru targets. This starts by accessing your Patch-Thru Directory from the left sidebar menu within ThruTalk Tools. Please review our Patch-Thru Directory guide for details on how to create and edit your target list.

If you're using already-created targets from the PatchThru Directory, double check their contact information. It's easy to update a target's information!

PatchThru script

Once you have your target list ready for calling, you’ll want to create your Patch-Thru ready script. When crafting the script, the following are some helpful best practices to consider implementing:

  • Use script branching to capture the Patch-Thru survey data.
  • If you intend to add more than one Patch-Thru target to the campaign, you may want to put a script item reminding the caller how to choose which target to connect the contact to.
  • Use script branching to offer the callers guided conversation on how to reassure the contact about speaking with the third-party target in case it is needed. Example: The branching could start with a yes/no script question of "Does the contact need reassurance to call the target?"
  • Use instant followup within your phonebank script to send the intended script that the contact can use when speaking with the third-party target.
  • Use a script item (such as a script block) to let the caller know if they should stay for the conversation to gather data or leave the call after the contact and target are connected.

NOTE -  If you are syncing data with VAN, make sure to create and import a survey question in VAN to capture and sync the Patch-Thru results if the contact takes action on the request.

Adding targets to campaigns

After your target list and script are ready, you can add those targets within your campaign during step 1 of campaign creation. Please check out our Launching a ThruTalk Campaign guide for details on adding your Patch-Thru targets to your campaign. If you are adding more than one target, you may want to add a script item to guide callers before you launch your campaign.

Ready for calling

Now that the targets are on your campagin, your PatchThru calling campaign will be ready for callers to begin phonebanking and connecting contacts. To set your callers up for success, make sure to share our How to Use PatchThru in ThruTalk guide.

After a PatchThru phonebank

After your PatchThru phonebank, you can create an account or campaign-level PatchThru Calls export. The data in this export will show about the success of a PatchThru call, which contact connected to which target, and how long the contact was connected.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.