How to import your VAN Survey Questions

This ThruTalk guide will review how you can map your script using VAN survey questions imported from your VAN instance. Importing questions at script creation will allow you to add your VAN survey questions and answers directly into ThruTalk scripts as script questions. 

Reminder: Before using this feature, you will need to complete the setup process for your ThruTalk VAN integration.

Step 1:

To begin creating your VAN integrated script ("VAN Script" for short,) select your committee (MyVoters or MyCampaign) that your list(s) reside in from the "Create New Script" drop-down and choose a name for your script.

Create New Script

Step 2:

From the script creation page, select "Add a question," and in the "Choose a response type" section, select "VAN Survey" or "VAN Activist Code."

Step 3:

Next, choose the Survey Question:

Choose a survey question

Once you click in the Survey Question field, Survey Questions from your committee will populate. They're ordered by cycle year in descending order then by the Survey Question name A-Z. Only the Survey Question text will be visible however.

Step 4:

The survey responses connected to that VAN question will populate in the "Survey Responses" section in the script question. Click "Save" to confirm your question setup.  

Survey responsesFor more information on the basics of creating a script, check out our guide Scripts for Your ThruTalk Account, and for details on script branching, please review our guide Script Branching.

And that's the final step. You have now successfully imported your survey data from your VAN instance.


From the “Scripts” page, you can review which VAN committee the script is connected to.