Dialing Hour Enforcement


Dialing hour enforcement ensures contacts are not contacted outside of the safe calling hours of 8am to 9pm local time. In this guide we will review the details of that process within our system.

How it works

Our system prevents phone numbers from being dialed if the contact's area code does not match the time zone selected for the campaign and falls outside of 8am-9pm local time when the dial is attempted. For example, if you upload a group list that includes PT phone numbers, but set the campaign to start calling at 9am ET, the PT phone numbers will not be dialed since that would be 6am local time, which is outside the safe calling range.

How they appear in exports

Any phone numbers that were not called due to dialing hour enforcement will be listed in exports as “Not dialed.” For a full breakdown of call results, please review our guide Call Results.

If you need to reattempt calling the phone numbers that were listed as “not dialed,” you can do so using the following steps:

  • Download your campaign export
  • Filter by the not dialed phone numbers
  • Create a new group of the not dialed phone numbers found in the file

When creating a campaign to dial the “not dialed” group, we recommend creating a campaign that is set for a calling window that will fall within the 8am to 9pm safe calling period for all time zones. To accomplish this, one should set the calling window to be 11am ET to 9pm ET (8am ET to 6pm PT).

Please reach out to us at support@getthru.io if you have any questions.