Monthly cost of ThruTalk

This article will detail the process you can utilize to calculate your monthly bill or the cost of dials for a specific campaign or date range within ThruTalk; using this method, you can keep track of the amount outside of the bill we send out each month.  

Monthly bill

Most commonly, your monthly ThruTalk bill is the total number of dials you have completed on your account over the past month multiplied by the per-dial contract rate. Utilizing some data manipulation using the Account Campaign Dials export and filtering, you can determine your costs for a specific campaign or date range when needed.

Determining dial in a date range or campaign

Follow these steps to determine the number of dials completed in a campaign or across multiple campaigns over a period of time:

  • From the ThruTalk Exports page, create an Account Campaign Dials Export for the date range needed (this will create a download link for all campaigns that produced dials in that timespan):
    • Date Range: To check one month or a specific date range, you can input that date range in the Start and End Date fields; you will want to download all generated campaign CSVs.
    • Specific Campaign: To check a particular campaign, you can check the data range of that campaign based on its Campaign Details page and input that into the Start and End Date fields. You'll want to download the one campaign needed based on its name
  • Download the CSVs for each (or all) generated campaigns needed and filter out any results listed as "not dialed" (you are not charged for results marked "not dialed "):
  • Determine the remaining number of rows/contacts after filtering for each campaign CSV
    • Selecting Row A2 and using Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow (PC) or Shift+Cmd+Down Arrow (Mac) will provide you with a count of the rows for a total.
    • If calculating across multiple campaigns, make sure to add together the dials total of all campaigns.
  • per-dial

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Note - We send bills out during the first half of the month. That means you can expect your previous month's statement by the middle of the current month. Once you have received it, you can pay by ACH, credit card, or check.

Additionally, not all dials sent in a billing period are sent in campaigns launched during the billing period. To account for all of the dials appearing in your invoice, you may need to look at campaigns launched before the billing period.